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Keep up to date with what the media is saying about a new ballpark in Oakland. Here are some articles with containing news, information, and discussions about a new ballpark for the A's. If you see an article that belongs on this page, please email the URL to

Each link will open the article in a second browser.

12-8-2005 - Wolff's new plan for A's ballpark

12-28-2002 - HOK reports on year long study - Uptown Oakland premier site

12/27/2002 - Anonymous buyer who 'loves downtown Oakland' could revive hopes for new ballpark

9/29/2002 - For fans, focus is game, not Oakland Coliseum

7/25/2002 - Oakland A's must guide politicians in devising stadium plan

7/25/2002 - Oakland gives developer ballpark site

7/25/2002 - Oakland gives developer ballpark site

7/24/2002 - Oakland Tribune City Council 7/23/02 Forest City ENA

7/22/2002 - Oakland A's park dreams fading shutout likely in Oakland

7/21/2002 - City risks top A's site for ballpark

7/10/2002 - New stadium plan will stay on table

6/25/2002 - Pacific Bell Park not a likely model for E. Bay facility

6/25/2002 - Ballpark Diamonds?

6/24/2002 - Brown strike for housing

6/23/2002 - Don't bet on Pac Bell-type ballpark on Oakland waterfront

6/23/2002 - A's new home or a field of dreams?

6/15/2002 - Poll: Narrow OK for A's stadium

6/14/2002 - Surprise support for A's ballpark Backing linked to revitalization plan

5/7/2002 - Status of A's new lease is in doubt

4/29/2002 - Oakland's baseball park: Build it, and they will come

4/25/2002 - A's reach tentative deal to stay

4/26/2002 - A's Future in Oakland

4/1/2002 - Oakland's downtown field of dreams

3/31/2002 - A's Schott throws pleasant P.R. pitch

3/31/2002 - A's owner puts himself out front as he makes case for new home

3/31/2002 - City leaders rally to keep A's

3/17/2002 - Downtown Oakland needs a ballpark

3/17/2002 - Stadium-minded A's cozy up to East Bay

3/13/2002 - A's Stadium Proposal Statement

3/13/2002 - Officials favor 13 acres for A's park

3/13/2002 - Fans rally for ballpark

3/12/2002 - Oakland Athletics fans to go to bat for new stadium today

3/9/2002 - Oakland Tribune - Local fans make pitch for ballpark

3/9/2002 - Ballpark Location

2/15/2002 - Owners have built a winner

2/3/2002 - Oakland politicians tackling plans for downtown ballpark

1/31/2002 - Oakland ballpark project needs push from mayor

12/26/2001 - Of ballpark prayers and Bay Bridge glares

12/19/2001 - Call for action on 'Coliseum City' plan

12/14/2001 - Uptown best site for new A's ballpark

12/14/2001 - Uptown Site Gets Top Marks for A's

12/14/2001 - Oakland Site Seen as Best Fit for New Ballpark

12/13/2001 - De La Fuente Says Waterfront Top Site for A's


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