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OAFC Discussion Board Guidelines

We expect our members to show respect for other posters, their teams, and their opinions even if you disagree with them.

Please comply with our online conduct described below and consider a violation of our standards which may result in a warning, followed by suspension or loss of user privilege:

  1. Harassment occurs when a member insults, attacks or denigrates another poster at any time. We have zero tolerance for taking a sports related argument to a personal level. The use of terms which describes a poster, i.e. "stupid" or other derogatory terms will not be tolerated. Harassment also includes insults against other teams, players and other groups of posters. Repeated criticism or negative terms toward any forum poster or moderator constitutes harassment.

  2. If a poster intentionally disrupts the course of a thread discussion and steers the topic away from the related issue will constitute reason for removal and editing by moderator. The thread may then be closed and moved to the read only archive.

  3. There is zero tolerance for vulgar language which includes sexist, racist, anti-religious and homophobic language which may offend other posters.

  4. We consider a violation of "netiquete" to use and correct the spelling or grammar used by posters as a form of denigration of another poster.

  5. Copyrighted Material…When posting copyrighted material, please post links to the appropriate articles and use your judgment in summarizing or making sure you do not post the article in its entirety. If you post quotes or sentences, please make sure to credit the source.

Please note these are guidelines; they will always be subject to interpretation. Please cooperate with the boards' moderator and use your best judgment. If you have any questions concerning our guidelines as they apply to specific cases, you can always contact us and your moderator

Thanks for reading and abiding by our guidelines!


Questions? Comments? Corrections? Please contact