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When it Hits the Fan
by Diamond Lil
Previous Columns

Aren't we baseball fans lucky? - 01/26/02

MLB needs a National Agency or Commission and not a Commissioner.

Selig is a shrewd and dumb-as-a-fox type of politician and this is why he has lasted and will last as long as this country allows this MLB Cartel to go unchecked...

There have been several bills introduced in Congress to not only take away the antitrust exemption, but at the same time, (in order to prevent the chaos that would ensue due to the minor leagues and possible team relocation) the creation of a National MLB Commission Agency which would oversee MLB in every aspect through Federal regulation.

This commission agency would examine and weigh into their decisions the investment of not only the owners, but the cities who are now hosting MLB. They would be taking into account the tens of millions of subsidies cities have given and still give to MLB and not just look at the sole interest of the owners. Ticket pricing controls, and other kinds of controls on the management of the minor leagues and regulation of manipulation of television contracts etc...This commission agency would set guidelines and timetables for expansion or even contraction...even relocation if necessary, but under set rules and parameters, taking into account economic growth and demographic changes etc... Not just the ability or viability to build a baseball ballpark, regardless of other factors which owners are not concerned about...

But this commission should be comprised of representatives from the owners, the players AND representatives of the tax payers and fans of the game.

Selig and his Blue Ribbon recommendation panel didn't even have a representative from the players. And to call them "independent" was a joke. The Commissioner of MLB is solely looking after the interests of the ones he works for and pays his salary.

Do I think anything is going to change in MLB? I doubt it...not until they come crashing down for good...

You just have to look at the recent energy crisis and how it came about and why it happened... And you just have to look at how and why Enron was able to go on for so long to finally destroy thousands of lives when it crashed down...

Aren't we baseball fans lucky that the Lords are only destroying the game we love and not our lives?

by Diamond Lil

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