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When it Hits the Fan
by OAFC Announcement
Previous Columns

Oakland-Colesium Lease Extension - 05/07/2002

For the sake of keeping you informed of the Oakland A's Oakland-Alameda Coliseum lease extension saga, we want to give you the dates and times of the next public officials' discussions and/or decisions related meetings:

The JPA - Thursday, 5/9 at 8:30am Coliseum West Side club

The City Council - Tuesday, 5/14 at 7:00pm Oakland City Hall

Both the above meetings will be open forum and speakers will be allowed to voice their opinions.

We encourage all Oakland A's fans to be present and support what we feel is a good and forward step in keeping the A's in Oakland.

Even though we feel this lease extension would be a good and positive step towards good will and cooperation for future talks of the new ballpark in Oakland, if it's not approved it is certainly not a deal breaker nor should it be seen as a sign the ballpark drive cannot move forward successfuly.

We will keep you informed of the next City Council meetings related to the Ballpark Drive. Stay tuned!

The OAFC and Oakland residents should make an effort to be present at all meetings.

Let's continue to REPRESENT!!!!

by OAFC Announcement

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