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When it Hits the Fan
by asch
Previous Columns

'To Adam and Maxell' - 10/18/2005

By asch on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 - 03:57 pm:

I was driving home from dropping my wife off and was fooling around on the cell checking the internet. I went to the sports section on the cell and started to see a scroll that showed something like, "Longtime A's voice...." and I thought, holy shit, Bill king either died or retired. And I pushed to continue and read he died. I IMMEDIATELY called EY...I didn't even read on. I can't explain how sad this. What's worse is I want to cry and can't - but as most of you are feeling, it's as if a relative has died.

A child of divoced parents, I spent every summer out in california with my father, beginning at age 6. My dad bought partial season tix and we'd go to 10-20 games a summer. Whenever there was a game out of town, or a home game we didn't go to, I would have the radio on and listen to Bill and Lon. I grew up listening to Bill King. His voice reminds me of being a child and loving baseball and living in the bay area and not having any cares in the world besides listening to my oakland athletics. I learned years (a few years ago) at a family vacation that my dad basically had NO idea what to do with me for a full summer so he bought tix to a's games. Little did he know, I would become the devout, obsessed fan that I have become. While my father doesn't much follow the a's anymore, I spend 80% of my time during baseball season and 50% during the offseason, following the a's.

My dad, an optometrist in the Bay Area, checked out Bill's eyes in Marin only a few days after my son was born in January. When he came out to visit, he surprised me with a sheet of paper with writing and a signature. I looked at it and saw the autograph and tried to figure out who it was before even reading the message. I couldn't, so I read the message and it said:

"To Adam and Maxwell, Best always. HOLY TOLEDO Bill King (1/18/05)"

As many of you know, I just flew out to California with my wife and 9month old son Maxwell and set up the trip so that I could go to the last two home games vs. anaheim. I had hoped when I booked the trip that I would see the a's clinch, but of course, that didn't happen. I took my son to his FIRST EVER baseball game on that last Thursday game and met up with Ey. I was actually able to get up into the press box with my boy and wife and had the PLEASURE of meeting bill king - and talked with him briefly in between one of the last innings. I shook his hand and we spoke for a minute. I remember wanting to just tell him how much I fucking loved him! LOL. And how I thought it's a crime that he's not in the HOF. But it just came out as "Good luck on getting into the HOF Bill, we are all pulling for you" - which I thought then and think even more now, is one of the biggest regrets of my life - cause it's not what I wanted to say - and I know he didn't much care about the HOF. But we do. (JERRY, CAN YOU POST PHOTO HERE?).

For years, I couldn't make it out to CA - with HS and college etc. I went years w/o hearing bill's voice - until several years ago when the internet made it possible to hear the live feeds of the game, and I fell in love with that process - choosing to stay home on Friday nights at 10pm my time to listen to Bill do his thing.

Bill - thanks for the fond memories. Your voice was a voice of comfort for a young child struggling with life and family issues and really helped me through tough times - you would never even imagine being the most humble of men that are around. We love you, we miss you and we hope you are calling games of teams filled with the greatest players that ever played, in a place that is, if possible, better than the Oakland. RIP.

by asch

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