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When it Hits the Fan
by Robert Limon
Previous Columns

Choose or Lose the Oakland A;s - 18/05/2006

I am a lifelong Oakland community member and A's fan. My friends and I have been frustrated that it is the 11th hour and we are very close to losing the Oakland A's. We are frustrated that no one seems to be expressing our point of view, and no one is taking action to keep the A’s. Personally, I think having a world-class championship sports team in our community is a fantastic community resource and asset that benefits our business and property values. I want to see a common sense solution invented by the brilliant minds of Oakland citizens and leaders to facilitate and implement the construction of a new stadium in Oakland.

Now it’s YOUR turn to express your opinion on the future of the A’s in Oakland.

I have begun a community project and a documentary film called "Choose or Lose the Oakland A's" which is based on giving EVERY Oakland/East Bay community member a chance to voice their opinion whether they “choose or lose” the A's. Bottom line: The Oakland community needs an outlet to express their perspective to keep the A's in Oakland (or not). No matter how it turns out, I will know that I let my voice be heard.

We are going to kick off this community project with a Mayoral Community Forum on May 23, 2006 (Tuesday) from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Uptown Bar and Nightclub, 1928 Telegraph (at 19th), in downtown Oakland. Please see attached flyer. The future mayor of Oakland will respond to the same question: CHOOSE OR LOSE the Oakland A’s? And Why?

I humbly request two things: 1. You show up to this event, share your opinion, and have some FUN. 2. You forward this info and invite all of your friends to this event; and/or contact me to get a flyer and distribute.

Now is the time--Take Action! Seize the Day! —“Choose or Lose the Oakland A’s”.

Thank you and best regards,

Robert Limon

by Robert Limon

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