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When it Hits the Fan
by Robert Limon
Previous Columns

Video - See if Oakland City Leaders Choose or Lose the A's - 06/06/2006

Dear Oakland Fans,

Just in time for the elections are some videos from the first Choose or Losethe Oakland A's event.

Check out VIDEO clips from the Mayoral Forum @ the Uptown. It was fun,and only a beginning.

[copy and paste links below into browser].

Please share with the Oakland voters you know, and let them see for themselves which mayoral candidate is going to step up for the A's and express what we already know--that the A's are OUR community resource, and with creative smart people, we can figure out a way to keep the A's in Oakland.

Also, Tailgate Rally Friday July 7th @ the coliseum, where we want 1000 people to tailgate and rally to keep the A's.

We are inviting Oakland politicos there and will ask them: choose or lose the A's? And what they will-- or won't do-- to keep our valuable community resource. I have alot of hope for keeping the A's, and the politicos need to hear our (YOUR) voices or they will not make that possiblitility into reality.

Best regards,

Robert Limon

[check out video from Choose or Lose Mayoral Candidate Forum] [copy and paste links below into browser].

Nancy Nadel:

Ron Dellums:

Ignacio De La Fuente:

Arnie Fields:

Choose or Lose Forum--Express yourself Part I:

by Robert Limon

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