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Contact Media and Authorities

Be vocal! Keep the sale of the A's in the news. Contact the media and authorities with questions and comments.

The columnists listed under the Newspapers and Columnists sections have written articles concerning the sale and present ownership. Let's keep them interested with comments and questions.

Oakland Administration

Send letters/email to

  • Supervisor Mary King
    fax: (510)465-7628
    County Administration Bldg.
    1221 Oak St.
    Suite 536
    Oakland, CA 94612

Major League Baseball

Send letters to:

  • Sandy Alderson
  • Paul Beeston
  • Dr. Gene A. Budig (American League President)
  • Allan H. Selig (Commissioner of Baseball)


Mayor League Baseball
350 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Newspapers and Columnists I

Newspapers and Columnists II

TV Stations

Radio Stations

A's Radio Network

  • KABL (960 AM) San Francisco, CA (Flagship)
  • KATD (990 AM) Concord, CA
  • KAHI (950 AM) Auburn, CA
  • KBUL (970 AM) Modesto, CA
  • KCBN (1230 AM) Reno, NV
  • KCMX (580 AM) Medford, OR
  • KHTK (1140 AM) Sacramento, CA
  • KIEZ (540 AM) Monterey, CA
  • KINS (980 AM) Eureka, CA
  • KPMO (1300 AM) Mendocino, CA
  • KRKC (1490 AM) King City, CA
  • KSHP (1400 AM) Las Vegas, NV
  • KTIP (1450 AM) Porterville, CA
  • KVML (1450 AM) Sonora, CA

Questions? Comments? Corrections? Please contact