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Maybe Bay Area is not so Oversaturated with teams

OAFC BBS - All Topics: Archive: Maybe Bay Area is not so Oversaturated with teams
Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By cheese on Monday, October 04, 2004 - 09:35 pm:

I always blamed poor attendance on the fact that there are too many teams here. But this article, along with a spreadsheet, says otherwise. Well, he didn't count Cal's & Stanford's football and basketball, but still there is a lot of money here to go around.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By oaktownfan on Tuesday, October 05, 2004 - 12:44 am:

The typical bay area apologist says, we're the bay area, we have so much to do that we're not into sports like cities on the east coast or in the midwest. What west coast bs. These idiots who I hear on the radio or tv drive me nuts.

Excuse me, but cites like NYC, Boston, Chicago, Stl, Phili have great support and they have just as much stuff to do in those cities that the bay area has and maybe more when you count NYC and Chicago.

There aren't as many west coast fan that are passionate or knowledglable than east coast fans. Sure, there are a good amount of west coast fans that can hold their own against any east coast city's fan but if you talk or look at the majority of fans on the west coast whether it be in Seattle, LA, or the Bay Area, I'd bet they couldn't tell you as much about their team's history that a bunch of east coast fans could.

Just look at fans at SBC, Safeco, Staples, the Stick; and compare them with fans at Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, and Soilder Field/Lambeau. The majority of east coast/midwest fans are more knowlegable or passionate when you compare the big cities on each respective area of the country.

The west coast and bay area especially have more trendy fans who are there more for the event rather than take the time and actually understand and watch the game. How many of the Giant fans at SBC or Mariner fans at Safeco could actually tell you about their history of their team and talk about the sport in general or would they rather be in a new park not paying attention until something exciting happens.

Not bashing west coast fans because I respect Oakland and Sacramento for the fans they have who are probably the most passionate and knowlegable when it comes down to their sports, but the majority of sports fans on the west coast really bugs me and their attitude towards the game.

One example I can give you was today when I was listening to knbr's morning show and the host asked if you rather have a championship or Bonds. Two idiots who I heard first said Bonds, that in itself is a joke. Listen to LA sports radio and it's even a bigger joke about how they talk about sports, you thought knbr was bad, listen to sports radio down there.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By eyleenn on Tuesday, October 05, 2004 - 10:17 pm:

Of note from the article linked above:

. Portland could back a pro team in any of three leagues, including the NFL, MLS and the NHL.

. Las Vegas has the strongest income base of any area without a franchise in any of the five major sports. It ranks No. 1 among all potential markets for the National Basketball Association.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By ronc on Tuesday, October 05, 2004 - 10:25 pm:

Commish Stern on an NBA franchise in Vegas

"Our current view is that Las Vegas is a great city. Gambling is a fine commerce activity, legal, government-regulated and encouraged, just as it is in other states that have lotteries. But so long as there's a sports book, it's not a subject that's of great interest to us."


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