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OAFC Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum Guidelines

Our discussion forum has moved to Facebook. Join us at the Oakland A's Fan Coalition Facebook Group.

A's Baseball September 07 - 05:25 pm
Anything that happens between the lines is discussed here. Are the A's going to be competitive at season's end?

Off Field Matters September 07 - 10:31 am
The Oakland A's Fan Coalition was formed with a goal to keep a competitive baseball team in Oakland. Here is where we keep tabs on ownership, discuss ballpark initiatives, and observe the business of baseball.

Meet Your Neighbors November 16 - 09:06 am
User VinnieAngelo had a great idea from the old discussion forum to set up a thread where posters could introduce themselves. So go ahead and introduce yourself, and check out what other posters said.

Post-Season, Off-Season, Pre-Season May 27 - 11:54 pm
Use this topic to discuss the post-season and off-season. How can team improve in post season.

Raiders Football January 25 - 12:40 pm
Play Monday morning quarterback here. Do the penalties simply prevent them from winning?

Archive October 16 - 07:29 pm
To keep the size of the main topics manageable, several conversations will be moved to this archive. After conversations have been archived, no new posts are accepted.

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