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KOPR - OAFC Pirate Radio Instructions

Want to listen to the OAFC KOPR radio broadcasts? Follow these steps to make sure your computer is equipped to receive the show so you'll be ready.

  1. Make sure you have speakers built into or hooked up to your computer. If they have a power button, turn them on. Also, make sure the volume is turned up.

  2. Visit Shoutcast and try clicking one of the yellow "Tune In!" buttons of any of the radio stations listed on the bottom of the page. If this step works and you can hear the stations, you need to do nothing else. Go to our show schedule to see our next scheduled broadcast.

  3. If step 2 did not work, download and save to your desktop the Free Winamp Player. Any of the versions, Lite, Full, and Bundle should work. For older computers or computers without a lot of memory, Lite is recommended, while for newer computers, Full is recommended.

    WARNING: You will be installing a new audio player on your computer. Only proceed if you feel comfortable installing and configuring new software. Note that the Winamp Player will replace your existing audio player as the default player for audio files. Do not proceed if you don't want this to happen.

  4. Doubleclick the file you saved in the previous step and follow the instructions during the installation process. Leaving the pre-selected answer for all the steps should be fine.

  5. When finished, restart your computer.

  6. Repeat the first two steps and you should now be able to listen to any of the stations on Shoutcast. You will also be able to hear the OAFC KOPR broadcasts.

  7. Use the following resources if you have problems:

    Winamp Online Manual

    Ask other OAFC members at theOAFC Discussion Forum


Questions? Comments? Corrections? Please contact