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  • Jim Bloom, A's Public Relations:

    "Next year's marketing effort will be geared toward the people who make up their mind (to attend) in the last two days to a week before a game."

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  • Mary King, Alameda County Supervisor, about contributing $150,000 to A's marketing effort:

    "I don't see them going anywhere. "We already spent a significant amount of money settling their grievances. I don't see enough of an upside to this (the new deal)."

    ( Oakland Tribune, January 4, 2000 )

  • Steve Schott, A's co-owner, as a reaction to Mary King's comment:

    "I'm not a threatening person, but I have people calling me all the time and asking if I want to sell the team. I tell them I want to work out keeping the A's in Oakland. But if (the supervisors) are going to show me that kind of approach, maybe I should think about selling."

    ( Oakland Tribune, January 6, 2000 )

  • Billy Beane:

    "You have to face reality some time. But there's no sense in facing it until somebody forces you to."

    ( See article. )

  • Rickey Henderson:

    "Oakland is home, and you always want to go home. Anytime you get the chance, you're happy to go home."

    Said AFTER joining the Mets. How could the A's management let a Hall of Famer with this kind of loyalty leave for a mere $400K.

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  • Michael Eisner:

    "You either play by the rules, change the rules, or get out, altogether."

    Disney CEO , when asked how he felt about having to pay big salaries to Anaheim Angels players to compete with large market teams.

    ( San Jose Mercury News, Page 7D, 3/6/99 )

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